• Hiriya Nagreekara Sahaya Vani: 1090 / 08226 222030
  • Makkala Sahayavani : 1098
  • Emergency : 100 / 08226 222383
  • Fire Station : 101
  • Ambulance Service : 108

District Crime Record Bureau

DCRB (District Crime Record Bureau) is headed by Deputy Superintendent of Police. This wing collects data of crimes and criminals and maintains a database. Apart from this, they also handle process of service and execution of summons and warrants received in the office of the Superintendent of Police. Publication matters relating to Missing persons, Lost and Found Vehicles, Unclaimed property etc. is also handled by this section.

The functions of DCRB are :

  • Sending Monthly Crime Revive to SCRB (State Crime Record Bureau)
  • Sending fortnightly crime statement to SCRB
  • Weekly crime and occurrence sheets
  • Maintaining of dossier criminals and C.I.D criminals activities sending their reports to SCRB
  • Maintenance of M.O.B. Particular register of Mysuru District Police stations
  • Maintenance of particulars of unnatural death reports of Mysuru District
  • Maintenance of warrants of summons issued by courts
  • Furnishing replies to questions raised in Legislative assembly as well as in Council
  • Providing information under RTI Act
  • Registering of Absconding Criminals
  • Maintenance of Goonda Act Register ( Indulged in Robbery , Dacoits etc )
  • Military deserters Registrar
  • Register of undetected cases
  • Photographs of Criminals
  • Criminal Intelligence Gazette
  • Sending Daily Crime Reports collected from police stations to chief office.

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