• Hiriya Nagreekara Sahaya Vani: 1090 / 08226 222030
  • Makkala Sahayavani : 1098
  • Emergency : 100 / 08226 222383
  • Fire Station : 101
  • Ambulance Service : 108

District Armed Reserve

The District Armed Reserve is one of the key units of Chamarajanagara District Police. It is the armed wing of the District Police to assist the Civil Police in maintenance of Law & order, providing of security to vital installations and VIPs of the city, arranging escorts for prisoners, cash, and important documents.

The District Armed Reserve Police is headed by the Reserve Police Inspector. The main function of DAR is to provide:

  • Escort for Prisoners
  • Guards to VVIPs & VIPs - Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers Etc.
  • Guards to vital installations – DAM, etc.
  • Guards & Escort to visiting foreign dignitaries
  • Security to Honorable Judges of Courts
  • Escort for cash remittances
  • Escort for Arms and Ammunition
  • Striking force for maintaining Law & Order
  • Gunmen to Ministers
  • Motor Transport workshop, fleet management and operation
  • Dog Squads for Crime and Bomb Detection
  • Deployment of striking force
  • Supervising of the security during National Festival, State Festivities, District Police parade etc.

All Police Vehicles in the district is under the control of the RPI MTO.

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