• Hiriya Nagreekara Sahaya Vani: 1090 / 08226 222030
  • Makkala Sahayavani : 1098
  • Emergency : 100 / 08226 222383
  • Fire Station : 101
  • Ambulance Service : 108

Vision and Mission

The mission of Chamarajanagara District Police is to uphold the law, maintain order and keep peace and harmony in district.

We are a force for the nation, ensuring the security, survival and success of Chamarajanagara district and helping to build it into our best home. We are a police force which inspires one and all.

We want to be united with the community to assure the highest level of safety and security to the district. We want our work with and in the community to be filled with care.

We will keep our personal integrity high, work as a team to make the force corruption-free, bring in transparency in our functioning, strive continuously to raise the professional skills and work for the welfare of our force.

We will serve and protect all, particularly the downtrodden, the weak, women, minorities, senior citizen's, slum dwellers, the poor & other marginalized sections of society. Prompt & compassionate response to every call of citizen's in distress.

We will be guardians, friends and protectors of the community, serving them with the best of our ability and to the highest of our standards. We want those inclined to crime and disorder to fear us, as much as the public trust us.

We want to be an organization where our people are developed to their fullest potential and where the best ideas come from all levels of organization.

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